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The mission of the Library and Information Program is to ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information.

Library staff: Mrs. Martin, Librarian Mrs. Gallant, Library Assistant

Welcome to the Library!

Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Gallant say, "We are excited to have you join us in the library!"

Information About Our Library Program


  • Students attend library class once each week.
  • The number of books students check out each week is dependent on their grade level (K: 1 book, First: 2 books, Second: 2 books, Third: 3 books, 2/3 Quest: 3 books, Fourth: 4 books, Fifth: 4 books, 4/5 Quest: 4 books)
  • Students keep their books for 2 weeks before the books are considered overdue.
  • If you think you have lost a library book, just keep looking for it!  Books are almost never lost.  They have just taken a field trip to somewhere like under a bed.  Eventually, if you really cannot find the book, if you choose, you can send a replacement copy into the library. Replacement copies can be purchased from any bookseller.  They do not need to be special library copies. 

Join the Celebration Book Club!

Want to celebrate a life event by donating a book to the library?  Just purchase a book off our Amazon wish list, complete a form and send the items to school.  A special nameplate will be added to the book to forever commemorate the special event and show that your child donated the book to the library. Click HERE for more information and the form.  Click HERE to visit our Amazon wish list.


Sora eBooks

 District librarians annually compile money from their budgets to purchase eBooks through Sora. These eBooks are available to all readers in the LWSD. Click HERE to learn about how to access eBooks through Sora





Fourth and Fifth Grade Amazing Reading Challenge!

The Amazing Reading Challenge (ARC) is a reading contest available for 4th and 5th grade students.   The program will be introduced to students in the fall and they are not expected to do anything yet.  If anyone would like to start reading now though, they are welcome to!  Below is the book list for the 2024-2025 school year.  Happy reading!


Library Standards

While the library is a place to check out books and enjoy reading, students are also supposed to learn important skills there! Below is a summary of each of the standards that will be taught throughout the year.

Reading Engagement

Information Skills

Media Literacy



Library Grades

Student grades in library class are based upon effort.  Click HERE to view more information about library grading policies. 


Library Hours

The library is open to students and parents for 15 minutes before and after school most days of the week.  The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: 9:05 - 9:20 and 3:50-4:05
  • Tuesday: 3:50-4:05
  • Wednesday: 9:05-9:20
  • Thursday: 9:05-9:20 and 3:50-4:05
  • Friday: 9:05-9:20 and 3:50-4:05

Stop by to check out books or say hi! 


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